The Rite (2011)

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Hollywood
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The Rite

An American seminary student travels to Italy to take an exorcism course.


Mikael Håfström


Michael PetroniMatt Baglio (book) (suggestion)


 Colin O’DonoghueAnthony Hopkins and Ciarán Hinds


 Drama | Horror | Thriller

I wanted to watch the movie because of Sir Anthony Hopkins. And he doesn’t dissapoint. He is at his best after his portrayal of the creepiest villain till date ‘Hannibal’ in “Silence of the Lambs”. The scenario of this film was tailor-made for Anthony Hopkins. He has played all kinds of baddies from Hannibal Lector to Bruno Richard Hauptmann to Adolf Hitler, but he really breaks new ground here. Colin O’Donoghue as Michael Kovac does a great job and he and Hopkins are a great team. He is great showing the young man’s doubt between faith and science. Although there are no spinning heads and pea soup spew in this movie’s exorcism scenes, they are really awesome, intense and terrifying.Alice Braga as the courageous journalist din’t have much to do. Rutger Hauer as Michael’s father is wasted. Despite all the clichès, the movie has a clever new twist, the priest as the demon’s victim.

Still of Sir Anthony Hopkins and Marta Gastini

The cinematography in the film is probably the first thing you’ll notice visually. The opening of the film makes things like dripping embalming fluid, a swing set on a playground, and an overturned shopping cart seem more interesting than they really are. Rain is an element used fairly often in the film to usually signify when something has gone wrong or is about to. Whether the camera is placed up high to make it seem like you’re looking down on the cast from the heavens or down low as if you’re looking up at them from the depths of the earth, the rain sequences in the film are definitely some of the most memorable due to the camera work. The shots of Rome and the interiors of the Vatican, Father Lucas’ home, and the exorcisms themselves are filmed very well.

With an engrossing performance by Anthony Hopkins along with a fairly strong cast all around, its fantastic cinematography, surreal dream sequences, and a satisfying conclusion that doesn’t hint at a sequel, The Rite is actually a surprisingly decent film all around.Give it a watch for Anthony Hopkins and the exorcisms.

  1. Bishal Shrestha says:

    did you write it all by yourself? it’s good!

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