Drive Angry 3D (2011)

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Hollywood
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Drive Angry 3D


A vengeful father escapes from hell and chases after the men who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter. –IMDb


Patrick Lussier


Nicolas CageAmber Heard and William Fichtner


 Action | Fantasy | Thriller

Co-written & directed by Patrick Lussier Drive Angry was originally shot & shown theatrically in 3D however the version I watched was plain old 2D so will be commenting on that rather than the 3D one, I had high hopes for Drive Angry from the trailers but I was left feeling very disappointed after having watched it. Drive Angry looked to have all the ingredients need to be an exploitation classic, hot girls, nudity, blood, gore, violence, big guns, fast cars, one liners, Satanism & a good versus evil battle with an anti-hero.

However I thought Drive Angry tried too hard to be cool, it tried to hard to be exploitative & appeal to a young male audience. The title and the trailer just felt like a movie I would enjoy…man was I disappointed. The movie had horrible nonsense graphics. The Hydrogen truck flipping over for instance looks terrible as do some of the bullet shots where the camera follows the bullet through the air.  Even the action scenes are poor with some very forgettable car chases that don’t amount to much more than cars driving along the road.

Drive Angry starts in Oklahoma where restaurant waitress Piper (Amber Heard) quits her job, while driving fiancés 69 Dodge Charger it breaks down, a man named John Milton (Nicolas Cage) offers to fix the car in exchange for a lift to which Piper agrees. Milton is trying to catch up with Jonah King (Billy Burke) who happens to be the leader of a Satanic cult, he murdered Milton’s daughter & now plans to offer Milton’s baby grandson as a human sacrifice in order to open the gates of hell. Chasing Milton is the Accountant (William Fichter) who is a demon from hell sent to Earth to reclaim Milton who in fact escaped from hell in order to avenge his daughter’s murder. With everyone trying to kill everyone else things get violent as car chases & shoot-outs break out all over the place as King tries to turn Earth into a living hell while the undead Milton tries to stop him & his cult followers…

Still of Amber Heard in Drive Angry 3D

Say what you may about Cage’s films, but the actor’s dedication to solemnity in the face of the film’s trashy grindhouse formula is truly admirable. He makes his character work, just as Heard pulls off her no-nonsense character with gumption and gusto. Heard pretty much steals the show which isn’t too surprising. You have a gorgeous blonde with a strong personality, not to mention a southern accent on top of it, who would you rather see on screen. Another actor who standouts is Fitchner. He comes off somewhere between a bad guy and just a plain weird one. The actor delivers his lines with a deliciously dry wit that easily steals almost every scene he is in. He takes his role and knocks it out of the park, and makes the movie that much better. You’ve seen Finchtner in Heat and The Dark Knight. Finchtner is a fantastic character actor and on many accounts saves this movie, or just gives it that extra special something. He has one liner after one liner and you will remember and laugh at every single one of them. Quite possibly the best is when he runs a Nitroglycerin tanker towards a wall of police cars and simply walks out of the car and stands on a police car hood, as the tanker goes “boom”. He steals every single scene as suit wearing The Accountant. One moment he’s a menacing figure who can kill you with no mercy, the next he’s cruising in a truck with liquid hydrogen listening to KC & The Sunshine Band. Billy Burke is good as the cult leader.

What’s really missing here is the ‘Midas’ touch that the genious Quentin Tarrantino himself would have provided and had this been his creation.

I rate it 4.5 out of 10 for the gorgeous looking Amber Heard and the witty one liners of William Fichtner. You can give this a pass and utilize the time watching Cage’s earlier better films.

Watch the trailer…

  1. Shakti says:

    First of all !! Great Job Pratik. This blog is awesome. congrats.

    I have always been a Nic. Cage fan. And wen i say this movie on the stand.. i was all excited. But it all went down the drain when i actually watched the movie. Wat an utter disappointment. Cars, guns, blonde, hell o’ a dialogues, catchy one liners… pretty much evrything was there… but the poor execution, runny cinematography and hard to believe action sequences… felt like a needle on me eyes !

    I have come to a conclusion.. i wud think twice before i pick up another of Nic’s latest flicks. He wud be ashamed of himself.. if he sits down and go over his older movies !

    Well, if ya wanna watch this movie.. set your mood for… “DISAPPOINTED “.

    • thnx dai…I too loved his earlier movies…face-off, con air, lord of war haru…but its been a while since he’ve starred in good movies…I luvd his Bad Lieutenant though…see that one..nic cage is awsome in that one…aniways thnx alot…n keep visiting the blog..:)

  2. mukh herna says:

    jhur Nicolas Cage
    HOOTTT Amber Heard
    time waste –movie

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