Ragini MMS (2011)

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Bollywood
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Ragini MMS



Out to relax and have fun at a farmhouse, a couple experience horror at the hands of an unknown entity.-IMDb


Pawan Kripalani


Virag Mishra (lyrics), Agnel Roman (lyrics), Vaspar Dandiwala (story), Pawan Kripalani (story) and Mayank Tewaari (dialogue)


Kainaz Motivala and Raj Kumar Yadav


 Drama | Horror | Mystery | Thriller



The class and the execution of the horror sequences were far more intriguing that that of the usual Bollywood horror movies. The fact that impresses the most is that even though, primarily you get the feeling that it might be a movie with just sensual scenes and not so many significantly petrifying moments, it actually left its mark for the direction of the horrifying scenes and the quality of performances by the two actors.

The movie revolves around a couple who set out to the outskirts of Mumbai for a weekend getaway. But as the reel rolls & the movie unfolds, it turns into a nightmare for the two as they encounter a lot of paranormal activities happening around & realize that the house they are staying in is haunted. Probably, as the movie was shot as if in real life, you connect to the horrendous events and the situations fashioned more closely and feel to be a part of the whole idea even more.


The movie does give the inkling that it has been inspired by Paranormal Activity but apart from being shot as if in real life, defiantly its not inspired from its Hollywood counterpart. Only the technique and presentation style is inspired, and Ragini MMS has its own real story and Desi flavor. The débutante director Pawan Kripalani has done justice to the digital real film camera by borrowing it from the producers of Love, Sex and Dhoka Ekta Kapoor. While Ekta has proved that if you have a good story, you don’t need A rated superstars. Actors and budding artiste can do the justice with a pure dedication.

Still of Ragini MMS


This spooky genre has not wasted time in explaining the story behind the haunted mansion or the love between the two quintessential Bombay lovers. The best is left for its sheer imagination and that’s bang-on the target. Its creepy when your girl-friend is Pink Handcuffed, and you are about to unzip the down, you get a hair-pull so strong that your skull bleeds and you forget the hard-on and fall straight in to the paranormal world of frenzy bites and creepy voices.The senses are bound to loose. The most real shot was when you see a door open on its own you don’t freeze in the demurral but run like a child screaming and shitting from the ass. That was hilariously spine chilling.


Raj Kumar Yadav is definitely here to stay. Kainaz Motiwala was impeccable in justifying her character. She plays her role well, depicting an innocent and trusting girl caught up in her boyfriend’s malevolent schemes, and later running for her life from the ghost. Applause to the whole team of Ragini MMS as they have surely provided a benchmark against which all future Bollywood horror movies must be evaluated. But again, after all these praises, the twists and timings of Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot were missing in this clip, nevertheless, it was a good attempt.


Bappi Lahiri did a great remix of ‘You are my Chicken Fry and Fish Fry’. The other songs were in background and competent enough to get mixed with a background score. The screenplay and cinematography did justice to the subjectiveness of a voyeurism.


My only complaint to the director is why not let the authenticity prevail? Why put in those shrieking and high-pitched background noises every time the ghost makes an appearance, speaking of which, why show the ghost so early in the movie, or even at all? Why not let the imaginations of the audience fly and let them fill in the gaps themselves? Because when you do that, every member of the audience fills it up with what terrifies him/her the most; the fear of the unknown being much greater. The director repeats the same mistake as most of directors do nowadays. That is the director fails to realize that in a ghost film what you don’t see can often be more frightening than what you do.


All in all, watch it if you are an avid Bollywood movie-watcher, its unlike anything you have seen till date. And for the ones into Hollywood horror movies like myself, watch it, but don’t expect an amzingly spine-chillingk, nerve-breaking moments. An honest effort though. I ratea it 6 out of 10.

Watch the trailer…


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