Ready (2011)

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Bollywood
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Set in Thailand and India, a case of mistaken identity leads to love; and an accountant and his family concoct a grand scheme to win over the hearts of a woman and her greedy conniving uncles. –IMDb


Anees Bazmee


Rajeev Kaul (screenplay), Ikram Akhtar(screenplay)


Salman KhanAsin and Paresh Rawal



In India, since star worship is the main guiding force towards film-making, therefore READY would surely be seen and loved by all Salman fans as a must. But the film certainly would not get a unanimous positive response as earlier enjoyed by few Salman releases. And for this I don’t blame SALMAN and neither I blame the producers or actors of the film. For this feeble and unexplainable kind of attempt I entirely blame its director Aneez Bazmee who constantly keeps giving us films like these.

Indian cinema is at a crossroad of modernization whereby new breed of directors is taking Indian cinema into world platform. With big stars like Aamir Khan moving into meaningful cinema it is sad that few stars are coming in between development. Yeah I agree there are different genre of films which caters to different taste but there is a thin line between commercial and tasteless. While Dabang had something new to offer in terms of execution thanks to Abhinav Singh Kashyap, Ready relies on orthodox potboilers which are on the verge of obsolescence. Ready has a paper thin story line which begins with rich spoil brat Salman Khan (as Prem) whose profession was probably “helping people” and like any “unique” story he falls in love with beautiful Asin (as Sanjana) but wait like any original love story there is a twist in this tale. There are evil uncles eyeing for Sanjana’s wealth and Prem goes on to save his lady love. In the meantime there is moral knowledge of perfect families and all expected possibilities in an Hindi film from the 80s. It is sad that Aneez Bazmee scripted (rather remade) such a bad script only to cash in Salman’s star status and sadly the film might become the biggest grosser of all time decelerating Indian cinema to the backwardness from which movies like Satya, Dil Chahta Hai, Dev D and lots of young directors did their best to change the notion of Indian cinema. The film trying to be a supposed family entertainer is full of double innuendos and toilet humour. In a particular scene a guy runs and in the motion farts out loudly. Can this be termed as a comedy ?

Still of Sudesh Lehri, Paresh Rawal and Salman Khan in Ready


Salman Khan as usual repeats himself and he was nowhere near his earlier Chulbul Pandey act which had freshness in it. Instead Prem is a typical rich brat with a heart of gold, a character types which has been repeated since time immemorial. Asin looks pretty but doesn’t shine. The supporting including Mahesh Manjrekar, Manoj Joshi & Manoj Pahwa are first-rate. Sharat Saxena & Akhilendra Mishra are loud, but that’s the demand of their characters. Arya Babbar is wasted. Anuradha Patel, Gargi & Eva Grover are passable. Paresh Rawal is Fantastic, like always. An Actor who never disappoints! Sudesh Lehri of Comedy Circus Fame is brilliant. He has his moments. Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Kangna & Zarine Khan in brief cameos are fine.


For all the directors and producers out there, please don’t overdo the ‘Only Salman and no Storyline Genre’, as it does seem to provide profits to the producers and makers but it might not be the wise choice in the long run.


So if you love Salman, then do watch READY only to satisfy your star- love. However, the movie is not worth being No.2 top opener in India….but thats the fact, and its only cause of Salman Khan and his previous Dabangg. Salman Khan is having his time now, so even if VEER did open next month it would have been Blockbuster Hit.


I rate it 4.5 out of 10 which is me being hugely generous.

Watch the trailer…

  1. realprarambha says:

    dhinka chika dhinka chika dhinka chika rey ey ey ey a a a a

  2. nirjagauchan says:

    i rate it -1 / 10… just watched it half… cudnt stand it.. LOL

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